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From Dies Koper <>
Subject Re: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 09:40:54 GMT
Hello William,

I'd run it in a debugger to find the exact line where the exception 
occurs, and what Javabean and field. Then compare that with what's in 
the SOAP message, and what your schema allows.

Good luck,

William Ward wrote:
> Hello Dies,
>           I see the helper classes you mentioned in my generated
> Javabean classes, so they should be included,
> The Web Service is written in .NET ( C# ), however I am calling it from
> JSP pages, so the JSP pages are in the Tomcat container on their own
> Thanks,
> William
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> From: Dies Koper [] 
> Sent: 15 March 2006 00:29
> To:
> Subject: Re: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
> Hello William,
> I do not know the conditions for them to be generated, but generated
> Javabean classes often get helper methods such as:
> - getTypeDesc
> - getSerializer
> - getDeserializer
> WSDL2Java has an option to have these methods not inserted in the
> Javabean classes, but in separate files.
> Either way, I think they are required in certain circumstances to
> serialize/deserialize SOAP messages correctly.
> If you did not modify (overwrite them with your original, etc.) or
> forget to include them, then I suppose it's okay.
> When happens if you put the JSP in a different Tomcat instance
> (different process) from the web service running in Axis?
> Regards,
> Dies
> William Ward wrote:
>> Hello Dies,
>>           I didn't modify any of the classes generated by WSDL2Java, 
>> but I don't see any helper methods in the generated client stubs, 
>> should I be seeing these ??
>> Regards,
>> William
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Dies Koper []
>> Sent: 14 March 2006 14:02
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
>> Hello William,
>> We'd need to see the WSDL to see if the SOAP message is right.
>> Unfortunately the SOAP message is rather long and complicated. You 
>> might not get any replies.
>> As you seem to use complex structures (array of complex types?) I 
>> imagine the Axis engine relies on the Helper classes (or helper code 
>> in the generated Javabeans) on the client side. Just checking, but you
>> did not happen to have removed these classes/methods?
>> Regards,
>> Dies
>> William Ward wrote:
>>> Hello Dies,
>>>           thank you for the reply, I used tcpmon to capture the SOAP 
>>> message, I believe the problem is at the receiving end as I get the 
>>> response back from the Web Service no problem, it looks like it has a
>>> problem de-serializing the response.
>>> The odd thing is if I call the same Web Serice using just a test Java
>>> application, I don't see any exception on the Axis side It seems to 
>>> be
>>> just when I use JSP, Tomcat and Axis, I have tried just creating a 
>>> simple JSP page that has the same code as the test Java Application, 
>>> but I always get the Axis exception when using JSP & Tomcat, even 
>>> though it is the same code & libraries for both applications
>>> below is the SOAP request / response that I see using tcpmon :

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