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From Pete Helgren <>
Subject Sorting out a 404 error
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2006 19:00:57 GMT
I have an axis application that I created (in MyEclipse) and run on my 
local PC.  I created a .net client application that uses SOAP, again on 
my local machine using VS2005, and I tested it and it works great.

I then wanted to test the .net client from another machine on the 
network.  I changed the WSDL file to use the actual address of the PC 
running tomcat from 'localhost' so that now the address is the local 
address of the machine.  Again, I tested the client locally and it works.

So I deployed the client application to another PC on the network.  When 
I run client application I get a "The request failed with HTTP status 
404: /SOAServices/services/DBIO" error.  So, I decided to run the URL 
from a browser and see what I got. I get: "DBIO Hi there, this is an 
AXIS service! Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service 
here... "

So that tells me that the server is available and is happy with the URL 
(which I copied and pasted from the WSDL file so I know it is 
accurate).  I get a very similar message from a client I wrote in RPGLE 
(IBM midrange hardware running i5/OS) so I think it has to do with a 
configuration issue at the server, although I can't say for sure.

So the questions are:  What should I do next to determine what is 
causing the error? What is the most like cause? Is there a tool I can 
use to view the request that Axis receives os perhaps see that HTTP 
request being sent?  I have been working on this problem all morning 
(and Googling like crazy) and haven't found a solution.


Pete Helgren

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