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From "Jeff Greif" <>
Subject Re: Determining the request path for logging [1.x]
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 18:28:16 GMT
If you're using a handler for logging, the handler in the request flow
could add a correlation-id or request-id property to the
MessageContext with a generated value, and include it in the log
message.  Similarly, the handler in the response flow could retrieve
that property and include it in the response/fault log.  The
correlation id could be generated using java.rmi.server.UID or
java.rmi.dgc.VMID depending upon the configuration of your server(s).

Before doing this, check to see if Axis already has some
correlation-id functionality or whether there is already a unique
request-id in the MessageContext.


On 3/1/06, Todd Orr <> wrote:
> I've got logging set up to log requests, responses, and faults to
> seperate log files. The problem is that I cannot reliably tell which
> request ties to with response or fault. Using timestamps is completely
> unreliable. I set it to log the thread information, but this is
> repeated everytime the thread services a new request so you cannot get
> reliable info this way either. So, my question is: what approach do
> you use to link a specific request to a specific repsonse/fault for
> logging etc.
> Thanks
> -T

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