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From "Neeraj Mahajan" <>
Subject Please guide me whether to use Axis WebService as a replacement for COM/RPC
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:02:29 GMT

I am working on a generic scripting/programming architecture for a Java
There is a set of classes that I want to expose via API so that it can be
used to developed plugins for interpreted languages. The aim is to expose
the Java classes as COM interfaces via a COM server or as Python packages
If a method in a Java class returns other Java object (non primitive) then
that object should be available as proxy at the client side and it should
not be passed by value. So any method invoked on the proxy object would
result in a call to the actual Java object. Only primitive data types should
be passed by value.

Can someone comment whether I can (and should) achieve the above behavior
using Axis/WebService/SOAP? Would any of the other technologies be better
suited: JNI, XML-RPC, CORBA etc.

The whole setup is to exist on the same machine and would not be
distributed. The platforms to be supported are Windows, Unix variants
(Linux, Solaris), MacOS. The COM scripting would work only on Windows while
Python would work on all the platforms.


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