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From "Dink" <>
Subject Re: Questions about "java:MSG"
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:41:28 GMT
Thanks for your reply. What you draw is really my case.

Message 1.                                      request
           Client ----------------> Server

Message 2.          ack response
           Client <--------------- Server

... (time passes)

                    actual result
Message 3. Client <--------------- Server

I have thought of two kinds of situation for the above case.
The first situation, I regard the message 1 and 2 as the synchronous message pattern 
and the message 3 is the asynchronous one. The second situation, I regard the three messages
as the asynchronous messages. I don't know which kind of situation is suitable for my case.
Besides, I don't know if the "java:MSG" provider programming mode I used can fulfill the asynchronous
If it can not achieve the asynchronous transmission, how can I do that?


Dink Lo
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Ali Sadik Kumlali 
  Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 5:59 PM
  Subject: Re: Questions about "java:MSG"

  Hi Dink,

  Just to make it clear, do you mean;

  Client ----------------> Server

           ack response
  Client <--------------- Server

  ... (time passes)

           actual result
  Client <--------------- Server

  If this the your case, it has some asynchronous process logic. So, that might be your starting


  Ali Sadik Kumlali

  Dink <> wrote:
    I need to develop a client and a web service to accomplish some message exchange.
    The message exchange pattern is as follows:
    1. The client sends an XML document to the web service to do some request.
    2. The web service returns an XML document to notify the client that the request sent
by the client is received and being processed.
    3. The web service has finished the request and return the result to the client.

    I have used the "provider=java:MSG" style to develop the web service to handle the incoming
    But when I think of how to reach the step 3, I can't find any method signature provided
by axis to do it.

    The method signatures provided by axis are:

    public Element [] method(Element [] bodies);
    public SOAPBodyElement [] method (SOAPBodyElement [] bodies);
    public Document method(Document body);
    public void method(SOAPEnvelope req, SOAPEnvelope resp); 

    Every method looks like a simultaneous method except the fourth one. The simultaneous
method I mean is that the client sends a request to the web service and receives a response
from the service.
    I think the methods provided by java:MSG can't fulfill my full requirements. 
    Can somebody point me some directions to solve the problem?

    Dink Lo

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