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From Helcio Wagner da Silva <>
Subject Re: axis client on CDC/PP application
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 09:13:02 GMT

   Hi, Lucas.

   Regarding your previous message, I think the reason for the stub
generated by WSDL2Java is not good for the VM in a PDA is because 
WSDL2Java generates bytecodes suitable to be interpreted in a desktop
platform, not in a platform like a PDA or a cell, for example.

   Java Virtual Machines embedded in such platforms are enable to
interpret bytecodes generated using only a subset of resources provided by
Java language. So, the bytecode generated by WSDL2Java is not suitable to
be interpreted by those JVMs.

   Some days ago, I sent a message requesting information about a tool
like WSDL2Java enable to generate such type of bytecode. Just an only one
member of this mailing list replied that message. He does not know any
tool capable to perform that procedure.

   Best regards to all.

        Helcio Wagner da Silva

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