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From Jean-Noel Colin <>
Subject Problem building my handler
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 21:36:20 GMT

I¹m trying to build a handler to run with Axis 1.3. The goal of this handler
would be to update the SOAP message to add WS-Security information using the
WSS4J library (I know there¹s a handler provided with WSS4J, but I simply
need to build a simplified version of that).

>From what i understand of handlers, the way I should do that is as shown
below. Everything works fine: the document d contains the wsse element as
expected. The question is: how do I recreate a soap message from the
Document object?

Thanks for your help

Jean-Noel Colin

        Message requestMessage = arg0.getCurrentMessage();
SOAPEnvelope env = requestMessage.getSOAPEnvelope();        SOAPConstants
soapConstants = env.getSOAPConstants();                Crypto crypto =
CryptoFactory.getInstance("");        Vector parts =
new Vector();        WSEncryptionPart part = new
soapConstants.getEnvelopeURI(), "Content");        parts.add(part);
WSSignEnvelope signer = new WSSignEnvelope();
signer.setUserInfo("client", "client-ks");        signer.setParts(parts); //
this is optional since the body is signed by default        Document d=null;
try {            Document origDoc = env.getAsDocument();            d =, crypto);        } catch (WSSecurityException e) {
e.printStackTrace();        } catch (Exception e) {
e.printStackTrace();        }

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