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From "Tootell, James" <>
Subject RE: Generate Java from XSD only
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 17:00:43 GMT
There are other schema compilers out there that do the same thing for
XSDs that WSDL2JAVA does for WSDLs.  Whether you use XMLBeans, Castor,
or some other XML binding, the principles will be similar to this
Castor-based example:  

Jim Tootell
Anteon Corp.

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From: Stefan Freyr Stefansson [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 8:38 AM
Subject: Generate Java from XSD only


I was hoping someone could shed some light on the following issue.

I have to program against two webservices that use datatypes specified
by a third party. These datatypes are specified by XSD's that are
publically available.

So what I'd like to do is to generate the Java classes for the third
party datatypes first, and then generate the Java classes for the two
webservices, referencing the already generated datatypes somehow. I want
to do this to avoid having the same Java classes in two places in my
code tree.

I'm working on getting the WSDL for the two webservices changed (these
webservices are not developed on site so it takes a little longer to get
changes) but the main questions are:
1) How do I generate Java classes from XSD's only with no WSDL
referencing them.
2) How do I generate Java code for the web services and "reference" the
already created Java classes for the datatypes used.

You may be asking why I want to do this and the reason is that I don't
want the code for the two webservices to be put into the same code tree.
So, I basically want three code trees, one for the common datatypes and
two more for the web services code.

Can this be done somehow? Anybody have any pointers as to how it would
be better to do this?

Kind regards, Stefan Freyr.

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