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From Tim R J Langford <>
Subject Re: How to not send nillable="true" for null elements in a SOAP message
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 10:00:04 GMT
Hello All,

Is it a bug in Axis1.3 that WSDL with nillable="false" and 
minOccurs="0", still genrates a nilable="true" string on serialisation? 
Is there somewhere I can log this bug or enhancement?

I may be able to do this in work time. Where would I start with Axis1.3 
to add/alter the code to deal with this? WSDL2Java mainly generates 
beans and a few other files. How would the code to analyse the presence 
of nillable="true" in the schema and the unmarshalling of message 
objects fit together in the axis framework? some sort of variable set in 
the beans to indicate nillable should not be sent that is inspected on 
serilaisation; or some extracted supporting object that contains such 
information? Would this be a fairly simple task?

Thanks for you time,


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