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From Dies Koper <>
Subject Re: WSDD Questions
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 02:16:06 GMT
Hello Dov,

I understand you do not use Axis' generated Stubs on the client side?
Whether to use one WSDL describing all your three web services or three 
separate ones is another issue, not specific to Axis I suppose.

Dov Rosenberg wrote:
> If I understand things better then
> 1. I should create separate web services for each of my exposed set of
> methods, each web service will have its own deploy.wsdd that will get auto
> generated from my implementation class using Java2WSDL. When I am done I
> should have a SecurityService.wsdl, ContentService.wsdl, and a
> CategoryService.wsdl.

You generate the (almost empty) deploy.wsdd with WSDL2Java from the 
WSDL. So you will have a deploy.wsdd for each WSDL.

> 2. After I have my WSDL files I can deploy my app and the server-config.wsdd
> will get populated by Axis after it finds my deploy.wsdd files in the
> CLASSPATH of my web app. Once the deploy.wsdd files are loaded into my
> server-config.wsdd I do not need the deploy.wsdd files any longer.

I think so. There seems to be some info about it on the Wiki too:

> Q. Do I need to deploy any client files or can the client app deal strictly
> with the WSDL and call my methods from there?

It can deal strictly with the WSDL.


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