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From eric kong <>
Subject Re: accessing services at
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 18:21:38 GMT
Thank you so much anne, but could you explain what is non-standard?
  WSDL should be universal + language independent right?
  are you meaning the SOAP toolkit services using didn't implement the WSDL standard,
so when I use WSDL2Java to generate my client won't compatible with others?
  thanks again

Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:
  A lot of the services at xmethods are non-standard or don't work. Assuming you pick one
that works properly, you should be able to take the WSDL and generate a stub to talk to it.
Most other SOAP toolkits work the same way, although some use a call interface instead of
a stub interface. 


  On 2/24/06, eric kong <> wrote:  -- There is alot web services at   -- When i click on "Try It" feature I get wsdl file. 
  -- Can i use WSDL2Java to generate stub --> then call those web services (listed on xmethods)
just like calling local java object / methods? Is that all for using web services? 
  -- if using PERL / .NET as web service client, does it also generate stub / skeleton just
like Axis (java) does?
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