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From Cyrille Le Clerc <>
Subject Re: Newbie help
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 03:50:01 GMT
   Hello Simon,

   The common java type to map a date in SOAP messages is
java.util.Calendar. You should prefer Calendar to java.util.Date,
java.sql.Date, java.sql.Timestamp or java.sql.Time.
   It is the best practice ; everybody will expect this even if some
people will find it is awkward.

   Note that the java.util.Date sould be supported by javaToWsdl but
it is not a best practice.

   Some resources :
- Axis doc "How your Java types map to SOAP XML types" :
- BEA doc "Data Types and Data Binding" :

   Hope this helps,


Cyrille Le Clerc

On 1/22/06, Simon Nunn <> wrote:
> I am running into the following error when running java2wsdl/wsdl2java ant
> do I
> correct it?
> " Type {}Timestamp is referenced but not defined."

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