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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Web Service requests dispatcher
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:24:19 GMT
You can have complete control over dispatching if you use a message style
service with the java:MSG provider. Alternatively, you can define a generic
operation (something like "submitRequest") which will always be dispatched
to your controller.


On 1/18/06, Daniel López <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all, let me say I've been browsing thoroughly the documentation
> and the web looking for some way to do what I want, but I'm new to web
> services, so may be the answer is too simple or that it's not the way
> things should be done. In that case, I apologise in advance ;).
> Coming from a web application background and having used the servlet
> controller approach for years, I was looking to do the same sort of
> thing with web services: Meaning that one class handles the requests,
> handling global aspects of the service, and forwards the call to the
> appropriate class or classes that do implement the real business logic.
> The reasoning behind that is that I want to be able to make the
> implementation of the service, the name of the methods, classes etc,
> independent of the "interface" so I can change from one class to
> another, add optional parameters, re-use the same method etc and all the
> things we already do in our web apps.
> The problem is that no matter how I try, it seems I have to put the real
> name of the methods in the wsdd file because otherwise I get errors, lie
> "java.lang.Exception: Couldn't find a matching Java operation for WSDD
> operation"... I tried playing with operation's name and qname but to no
> avail... I also browsed the samples and all the articles I could find
> and all of them see to follow the same trend of having the name of the
> operation be the name of the method of a Java class... so I started to
> wonder if I'm trying to fit a round peg into a square hole her, so to say.
> So, is it possible to describe several operations in an wsdd and then
> have all those operations call the same class and let that class read
> the "request" (be it the document, or the Element[]...) and decide which
> classes to call?
> Thanks for your time,
> D.
> -------------------------------------------
> Daniel Lopez Janariz (
> Web Services
> Centre for Information and Technology
> Balearic Islands University
> -------------------------------------------

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