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From Anthony Bargnesi <>
Subject No connection to webservice from outside localhost, Please Help.
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:12:04 GMT
Hello all,

I have recently deployed a webservice with Axis to a production machine.  I
was originally able to call the webservice and receive a response but any
to access the webservice from outside fail.  I can access the deployed
but not the webservice.

I ran packet monitoring on my webservice server and discovered no incoming
from the client who was sending the request out.  When I called the
webservice URL
directly from the client I was able to see packet traffic.  But when the
webservice call
is made it hangs and no traffic is visible.  It hangs indefinately on
Call.invoke().  My
testcase client code is the following:

public void setUp() {
        //Create Axis Call object to represent call to webservice defined
        //in url.
        try {
            _wsCall = new Call(URL);
        } catch (MalformedURLException e) {

public void testSuccessfulWebServiceCall() {
        try {
            Object[] requestParameters = new Object[] { "",
                    Calendar.getInstance().getTime(), "Test WS",
                    "Testing...", new Integer(0) };

            //Invoke the call to the webservice.
            Object result = _wsCall.invoke("",
"addEmailActivity", requestParameters);
            System.out.println("WebService returned code: " + (((Integer)
result).intValue() == 0 ? "SUCCESS" : "FAILURE"));
            assertEquals(((Integer) result).intValue(), 0);
        } catch (AxisFault e) {

Is there any reason why a someone on a WAN would not be able to see my
webservice?  Is there possibly some way to debug this on the client side,
it acts like it never even makes the request?

It just hangs forever...  ?


Anthony Bargnesi

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