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From "glenn bech" <>
Subject RE: Large File Streaming?
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 09:22:30 GMT

I Remember having a discussion with a colleague of mine recently.
I think I know what this problem is, If you check the source, that Axis uses
a BufferedInputStream/BufferedReader when retrieving the message.

The only problem is that the buffer is initialized to the size of the
incoming message. 

I can't remember if this is fixable through configuration, or that you have
to modify the source, Maybe one of the contributors can enlighten us .-)


From: Melhem, Michael [] 
Sent: 30. januar 2006 03:38
Subject: Large File Streaming?

Hi People,

Does anyone have any experience sending very large files with Axis. We seem
to be having "out-of-mem" issues uploading large files.

Basic Question:
When uploading a file from an axis client to axis server, does axis require
that the whole file be read into memory before it can be handled (eg written
in to disk or database)?? Reading files into memory would be unacceptable
for large file sizes.

Any help or pointers on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Michael Melhem

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