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From "Bas A. Schulte" <>
Subject How does java2wsdl work?
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 01:23:13 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to send an existing java class (not my app, don't have the  
source, beyond a decompiled version to see what's in it) over the  
wire using Axis on both ends, with very little success.

What I'm wondering about: how does java2wsdl work in terms of  
establishing what attributes a given class has? It appears to derive  
this from the methods of the class, not by looking at the (private)  
attributes, would that be how it works?

My problem is that the class has an array (boolean[]) for which there  
is no getter/setter, hence it does not show up in the wsdl. It  
doesn't get transferred over the wire and thus the instance on the  
server end doesn't have this array set properly, causing some methods  
to toss a null pointer exception :(

I'll have to solve it by creating a similar class, construct one in  
the client and send that over the wire instead. Not nice, but workable.

Just can't seem to figure out how a) the wsdl gets created and b)  
serialization takes place.



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