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From "Tootell, James" <>
Subject RE: Reasons why Webservice is inaccessible from WAN?
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 19:30:24 GMT
Congrats on the progress.  Linux has netstat (among other things) to
monitor your box's traffic.  Axis (if your WS is J2EE based) also has
TcpMon with a GUI that you can use.
Good luck.


	From: Anthony Bargnesi [] 
	Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 11:11 AM
	Subject: Re: Reasons why Webservice is inaccessible from WAN?
	Thanks for the reply.  I think I have narrowed it down.
	Using the IP instead of hostname yield the same effect.  Then I
	tried putting in a bogus hostname for the endpoint (ip doesn't
resolve) and
	it still hangs at invoke with no Execeptions.  This leads me to
believe that my
	client system is not letting me send out over port 80.  Maybe
there is a proxy
	running that I do not know about.  I am trying from a linux
client.  I will get a chance 
	to try it from a windows system tonight, still outside my
company's LAN.  My 
	belief is that the linux client isn't letting anything out.  Is
there a command line
	linux tool that allows me to monitor packets/ports on the
	Thanks for your insight.  Your suggestions could possibly effect
my webservice, but just not
	yet.  For now it seems it is a client firewall/proxy issue that
is blocking my original request
	from being sent.  But who knows, after I solve one, that may be
the second :). 
	I'll let you know if other clients succeed.
	On 1/20/06, Axel Burwitz < > wrote: 

		maybe my experiences from last days may help..
		- my web services can be accessed and work fine in LAN
envirenment, lets 
		say with IP in endpoint field "", the server
system with Tomcat
		- my web services can be accessed and work fine from
WAN, provided that
		the port is open and forwarded in the router to my
server system with Tomcat 
		- not accessible from WAN out of my company's LAN
		  I strongly guess that there are firewall settings that
do not allow to
		send out on port 80 with a program, only send/reply
inside a browser 
		Maybe it helps to exclude such effects in your search
		Anthony Bargnesi wrote:
		> Hello,
		> I was wondering if anybody has ever encountered a
scenario where
		> your deployed webservice works fine within a LAN but
fails when accessing
		> from a WAN.  I have a deployed webservice where
accessing it from a WAN
		> causes the client to hang when doing a Call.invoke.
Has anyone encountered 
		> this problem or do you think it is more a problem with
the client system?
		> Packet capturing was done on the WAN client and
discovered that no soap
		> request
		> is made to the webservice.  The axis debug ends with
this before hanging 
		> indefinately:
		> 968  [main] DEBUG org.apache.axis.client.Call  -
		> 968  [main] DEBUG org.apache.axis.client.Call   -
getParamList number of
		> params: 8
		> 975  [main] DEBUG org.apache.axis.client.Call  -
		> Call::invoke(RPCElement)
		> 1006 [main] DEBUG
org.apache.axis.i18n.ProjectResourceBundle  -
		> org.apache.axis.i18n.resource::handleGetObject
		> 1006 [main] DEBUG org.apache.axis.Message  -
Attachment support is
		> enabled?  true
		> But it is clear that a SOAP request is never made to
the webservice.
		> Any ideas?
		> Thanks!,
		> Anthony Bargnesi 

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