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From "kalin mintchev" <>
Subject Re: xmlsec.jar
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 21:58:05 GMT
> I didnt have to rebuild the xmlsec.jar, it was part of
> the bianry download

  ok.. i did the same thing. got xmlsec-1.3.0.jar.
  now what i get is:

Warning: could not find a dependency of class
from file XML Security is not supported.

  now its not supported?!?!?!

  anyway.. i decided to go ahead and try a few things.

  first i tried was List i got a list but no links except to a wsdl
document that displays as just xml source file. and nothing really
happens. when clicking Call the browser just spins and spins - nothing
administer axis shows only this:

Server is running

Current load = 3

and SOAPMonitor doesn't show anything - i have java enabled. i tried 3
different browsers....

is this ever going to work?


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