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From Justin Schoeman <>
Subject Apache AXIS 1.3 Final - Autogenerated java client stubs for abstract classes do not seem to work?
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 15:50:12 GMT
Hi all,

Unfortunately, I am by no means proficient in Java, so am not sure if 
this is a problem with Axis, or my java implementation.  Anyway, I am 
trying to build a client and server for XMLVend 2.0 (wsdl and schema 
available on:

I have autogenerated the client code using AXIS 1.3 WSDL2Java (AXIS 2.0 
fails with an error about type 'string' already being defined?), using 
the command:

java -classpath $AXIS1_CLASSPATH org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java -p 
expertron_client -B xmlvend-full-2.0.wsdl

The skeleton client program is attached (hacked from the Calculator 
example client.

Executig the client shows a soap request going out, but the xml tags for 
all of the abstract fields are empty. The simple and complex types are 
filled in, but all abstract types are empty.

If anybody could let me know if the fault is with my client, or axis, I 
would greatly apreciate it...

If any help is required in chasing the problem down, I would be glad to 
assist in any way, but unfortunately, my Java knowledge is limited :-( .

Thank you,

Justin Schoeman

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