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From Mark Smith <>
Subject Deserialization with BeanDeserializer
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:39:03 GMT
  I am trying to do something simple but am stuck. Hope you guys don't  mind it. Here is what
I am trying to do. My code leverages the client  stubs generated by Axis to communicate with
the external web service.  The style for the webservice is document/literal. From the back-end
my  code gets the data, which is an xml document. It doesn't exactly  conform to the structure
the web service operation expects (in  serialized form). This xml document is transformed
using an xslt so  that the xml conforms to the schema defined in the wsdl for the  operation
parameter. At this point, I don't wish to extract the data  individually and instantiate the
deeply nested java object the web  service operationexpects. To me, I feel it makes sense
to use Axis'  BeanDeserializer to deserialize the xml into the java object. I tried  it doing
in several ways, but didn't succeed so far. Does anybody know  how this can be done? Appreciate
your help.

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