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From Jim Azeltine <>
Subject Re: [Axis13] Settings for invocation via proxy are cached somewhere
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:49:48 GMT
Two questions:
  Where are you making the proxy server settings?
  Are you by any chance using JSP's with Apache/Tomcat?

  I found a problem earlier when I changed a class called from a JSP, and the changes didn't
show up, even after I bounced Tomcat. Turns out that when the JSP is compiled, it packages
the whole thing, including the referenced classes (turns it into a servlet in fact!). Changing
a referenced class does not result in a recompile of the JSP. I had to drop the JSP and put
it back to make my change go through. I went a little nuts until I figured this out... 8P
Denis Schlesinger <> wrote:
        Hi all,
  I have discovered that the settings I made to invoke a web service via a proxy server are
cached somewhere. When I want to change these values Axis does not care about that and takes
the old values.
  In my case I implemented a small tool to test the web service invocation via proxy servers.
I used the Java system properties "http.proxyHost" and "http.proxyPort". After changing the
values of these properties Axis still uses the values which I first put in for these properties.
  Does anyone have a solution?
  Any help is highly appreciated!


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