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From "Jeff" <>
Subject [axis2] Is it ready for primetime?
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 23:01:25 GMT

(I'm hoping to tap into the community's collective experience with axis2
(and, also axis 1.x...)

If you were going to start a java web services project (server side) today,
would you choose axis 1.3 or axis2?

Here's the situation...

- Embedded/appliance application running on tomcat/mysql/linux/etc.
- Said application already uses lots of open source.  (No need for support.)
- Not an "in house" app - this is released with hardware.
- Some components of the app require web service access.

A key logistic issue (imo) is that company doesn't have easy access to its
customer sites (i.e. its an "appliance").
We can't simply deploy new versions of software on, say, a bi-weekly basis
like in-house or public Internet apps.

There are also technical issues: e.g. interoperability, which I see is
planned for a post-0.94 release.
(for example, we need perl and axis-1.3 client compatibility.)

I'm also a bit cautious with the 0.94 version number.

So, my expectation would be that axis 1.3 should be used.

Otoh, if axis2 went to a 1.0 or 1.1 in the next 4 months, I'd rather be
using it, and would probably not have the resources to migrate at that time.

Btw, we're currently using apache-soap (i.e. the old ibm soap4j), so we have
some experience w/ soap/rpc.
However, the axis use cases are totally different than the our apache-soap

Thanks for the guidance.


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