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From "Anna Krajewska" <>
Subject Problem with getting SOAPElement in axis handler - help!
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 11:05:27 GMT

I've got a problem with accessing SOAPElement from SOAPEnvelope in axis handler. Before I
send the response of the webservice I need to modify the SOAPEnvelope - I need to change definition
of one namespace - I can access SOAPEnvelope, then SOAPBodyElements and then SOAPElements
but I need to get deeper - I need more than this but when I try to get SOAPElement children
- I get null - Axis tells me that this element doesn't have children - but I know it has!
When I write soapmesg to file (msg.writeTo(stream)) I can see that. 

How to access all xml tree and modify it? I tried with envelope.getAsDocument() and then changed
needed elements but even with msg.saveChanges() changes were not visible in the sent message.

Help! I need to know how to do that and I need to know it fast!


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