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From "Dink" <>
Subject Re: web service style
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 03:14:13 GMT
Hi Dies,

I have noticed your answer does not include the "Message" style and the most
confusing thing is about it. I can not realize what the message
style means since it is not defined in WSDL spec.  Can you point me some
directions or any document? Besides, I have found the axis user
guide define the service provider can be either RPC or MSG. However, there
is no clear definition of RPC and MSG in the axis user guide.
Do the MSG mean the service style is "Message" described above? Is there any
relationship between "service provider" and "use/style"?

Thanks for your reply,
Dink Lo

Dies wrote:
> Hello Dink,
> The JAX-RPC 1.1 spec describes the "wrapped" style briefly. It is a
> variation of Document/literal, and is the recommended style/use to use.
> With Axis, you have:
> Document/literal(wrapped): -s WRAPPED -y literal
> Document/literal: -s DOCUMENT -y literal
> RPC/literal: -s RPC -y literal
> RPC/encoded: -s RPC -y encoded
> I have never seen Document/encoded, maybe Axis doesn't even support it.
> #In case of Document/literal(wrapped), the WSDL says style="document",
> but SOAP engines use some criteria to recognize that they are "wrapped".
> The WSDD says "wrapped" if it recognized a Document/literal port as
> being Document/literal(wrapped).
> Regards,
> Dies

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