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From "Ben Reif" <>
Subject wsdd <operation> - How do I represent return type of List?
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 20:07:08 GMT
I'm using Axis 1.3 to create document / literal style services, so as I
understand it, I need to be more declarative in my wsdd file and define
the operations. I have a method in my service that returns a List of
complex type objects. In reading through the documentation I need to set
the name, qname, returnQName, and returnType attributes. Something like:

<operation name="query" qname="?" returnQName="?" returnType="?">
I also noticed in the WSDDConstants class there were constants defined
for returnItemQName, returnItemType, itemQName, and itemType attributes,
but there is no mention of them in the documentation. Can anyone explain
how to represent a List of complex types as either an input parameter or
a return parameter in the <operation> tag? Also, what's the difference
between qname, returnQName and the returnType (which could also be a
QName maybe?).
Thanks a bunch,

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