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From Alejandro Ariel de Lio <>
Subject document styled problem: only 1 parameter is read
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 15:01:28 GMT
Hello, i'm having some trouble with document styled services in Axis 1.3.
The thing is that if i don't use wrapping style, only the FIRST parameter is
I mean, if the requester sends 2 or more "in" parameters, the binding
implementation will only recive the first one, and the others remains with
null. And if the provider sends 2 or more "out" parameters, the stub will
(again) only receive the first one.
I took a look with the axis tcpmon utility to the soap messages being sent
and i could see that ALL parameters were sending from one point to the
After a little researching (no much material on this subject), i found some
techincal articles where explains that a document styled service should have
2 basic characteristics to be WS-I complaint:
1) messages parts should be referenced to an elemenet (with "element"
attribute) and not to a type (with "type" attribute).
>> 2) << the soap body element should have ONLY 1 child element.

While the axis' homepage, states "For Axis 1.2, we are focusing on our
document/literal support to better address the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 and
JAX-RPC 1.1 specifications. And we are fixing as many bug as possible.",
there's no Axis documentation or help about this subject.
I've concluded that Axis does only read the first parameter on soap document
messages (although sending multiple elements) in order to complain with
WS-I, but I'm not precisely certain considering I haven't found any Axis
documentation that confirms this fact.

Can anybody confirm the conclusion I arrived at?

Thanks for taking the time of reading

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