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From Mahesh Seshan <>
Subject Re: [1.3] java2wsdl not generating complex type
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 14:04:06 GMT
If this is a problem with Axis 1.3, in you interface, make sure you
reference X (array of X is not sufficient).


On 12/19/05, Xavier Toth <> wrote:
> As an argument to a service method I had been using an array of objects of
> type X. The wsdl was generated and everything was good. I decided to extend
> X so I created the type Y and changed my service to accept an array of
> objects of type Y. Now java2wsdl fails to generated the schema for the type
> Y. I've even made Y a straight extension on X that is no additional member
> data in case that might be causing a problem but no luck. I also tried
> putting X and Y in the same package.

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