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From Dies Koper <>
Subject Re: Hiding Axis implementation code
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 14:58:29 GMT
Hello Gregg,

I use the --helperGen option to prevent Axis metadata being generated in
my beans.
Also, I use -T1.3 to use the JAX-RPC1.1 mapping (for instance, to map
xsd:unsignedShort -> int, not org.apache.axis.types.UnsignedShort)

	-H, --helperGen
		emits separate Helper classes for meta data

	-T, --typeMappingVersion <argument>
		(cryptic description but 1.3 follows JAX-RPC1.1.)


McMullin, Gregg E. wrote:
> Hi All:
>   I'm currently using Axis 1.2.1 and am wondering why the wsdl2java
> tool does not generate interfaces along with the beans it creates?
>   Is there a mechanism to make the generated beans implement a 
> particular interface?  I'm really trying to find the proper way to
> hide "axis" from my webService code.  My thought was that if I could
> work with interface's for my beans, I could easily switch out axis 
> for another framework if desired.  Any thoughts would be welcome.
>       Gregg

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