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From Per Steffensen <>
Subject Generating exception-subtypes from XSD types using WSDL2JAVA
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 13:44:05 GMT

I am new to faults/exception in the webservice (ws) world, so I might be 
totally wrong.

I want my ws-implementing java class to be able to throw an exception, 
and let that result in a fault (faultcode, faultstring, details etc) 
beeing sent as a result to the ws-invoker.

I have read about doing this by writing an exception class (e.g. 
org.myorg.MyException), and setting up a matching schema element in my 
wsdl file, and use it as a fault i porttype/operation and 
binding/operation. I guess I can get this to work.

Now my question is: What do I do if I want to do it the "literal" way. 
That is, if I want to let a XML schema fil define how the exception 
looks (instead of writing it in the wsdl fil myself), AND then let 
wsdl2java generate an EXCEPTION-class behind that XML schema type. Then 
the ws-implementing class can throw that generated exception. But how do 
you generate an exception-class from a XML schema type?

Please explain if it seems that my understanding of the subject is wrong.

Kind regards, Per Steffensen

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