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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] usability
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 01:58:50 GMT
Hi Simon,

Let me answer some of the questions.

Simon McMahon wrote:

>I have just started trying Axis2 from Axis 1.3.
>Maybe these usability issues will all be addressed for the final
>release so please let me know if these issues are known already.
>After installing...
>List services showed:
>Opeartion EPR : http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/Version/getVersion
>but navigation to
>gave: "Oh! this place seems to be empty!!! "
>With axis1 I could look at the WSDL with the browser
>This does not work with Axis2.
If you do not deploy a wsdl file with your service archive file, ?wsdl
will not work. This is because, we have not implemented and properly
tested the java2wsdl part. But now, we have that part and sooner you
will get this feature with some other great features. Deepal committed
the code to the code base last week, but since we haven;t tested that,
we thought of not announcing that. So please hang on, we will provide
you with that. Remember, I promise you, its not only ?wsdl :-)

>Next I used the user guide to get started and installed MyService.aar
>and that worked fine too but there is no way to interact with it without
>building a client.
>I tried some Axis1 samples - StockQuoteService.jws
>I just copied this into D:\Tomcat\4.1.31\webapps\axis2 and it just
>threw an exception.
Unfortunately we have this back compatibility problem. In the current
system, one can not deploy a jws in to Axis2. So the exception is

>Axis2 minor Documentation errors:
>The link to the installation guide (installationguide.html) in
>\axis2-M2-bin\docs\userguide.html is broken. It uses ".htm" instead of
I think this problem is not in the current release. I just checked the
current release, and it seems working fine for me.

BTW, Simon thanks for your comments. We are now in the stage of getting
feed back. Your feed back is very much valuable for us to give you a
better and usable product. So please continue giving feedback and its
another way of contributing to the project.

Again, Please switch to 0.93 :-)


>Simon McMahon
>Work: (07) 31311420
>Mobile: (043) 2294180
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