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From Tim R J Langford <>
Subject Re: Sending java.util.Set using AXIS
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:23:43 GMT
Thank you Iksrazal,

Unfortunately, I am only writing the client to attach to this service 
and have no control over the WSDL. I could theoretically download the 
WSDL and apply some kind of filter to transform the schema into 
something else (that hopefully genrates the correct beans) and generate 
from that, but this will be last choice option and is not ideal for me.

The WSDL uses both types of SOAP message, but the element I am having 
problems with are document objects. Thanks very much however for your 
kind offer an example. I really appreciate it! However, what I really 
require is for the beans to generate from the WSDL correctly or work out 
what my own PEBCACK might be, although I think the problem is most likey 
to do with the strange schema definition.



iksrazal wrote:

>Define an Array in your wsdl and use set.toArray() . If you're using RPC 
>encoded I could give you an example - although I'm using doc / lit at the 
>moment I haven't gotten to arrays yet. 
>Em Terça 06 Dezembro 2005 10:16, o Markus Plail escreveu:
>>Hi there!
>>Is it posible to use java.util.Set<package.Object> and use it in a web
>>service. If yes, how must my beanmapping look like? I am using Hibernate
>>and it maps collections to java.util.Set and I'd really like to use
>>them. If it is RTFM just point to the right manual.
>>Thanks in advance
>>Markus Plail

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