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From Slimane AMAR <>
Subject Urgent: Axis 1.3 BasicAuthentication and CommonsHTTPSender problem
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 12:41:27 GMT

I have the same problem :

The problem is due to commonsHTTPclient.
HttpClient doesn't use by default the preemptive
authentication :

To solve this problem the question is :
Is it possible to specify a property to use
the preemptive authentication with commonsHTTPclient
from Axis ?

>I am sending again my problem!!!!

>I am using Axis 1.3, tomcat 5.5.12, java 1.5.

>I am using a client-deploy.wsdd that points to CommonHTTPSender
>transport so my axis client can use Http 1.1. I am
>also using commonsHTTPclient-3.0-rc4.jar and commonsCodec-1-3.jar.

>My web service is using those two handlers for authentication:
><requestFlow name="checks">
>       <handler
>       <handler

>I also set the userName and password for my Call object. Also set

>The problem is:

>When the client sends the message it is not authorized (HTTP/1.1 401
>Unauthorized). But the client sends
>automatically the same message again, and now it is authorized.

>Running ethereal I saw in the Http Header that in the first message
>there is not a "Authorization: Basic + some hexadecimal stuff" entry.
>The Http header response has the follow entry: WWW-Authenticate: Basic
>realm="AXIS". I did not set this realm at any place (tomcat
>configuration file or the axis server side).

>At the axis fault string I have: <faultstring>User 'null' not
>authenticated (unknown user)</faultstring>.

>As I said I set the user name and password (Ah, the user name and
>password exists at users.lst). Only one detail. Debugging I saw that
>in the messageContext object, at the client side, that the user name
>and password were empty. So in my stub I also set userName and
>password for the messageContext. See the code below:



>The second message, that is the first one sent again, goes with the
>Authorization entry at the Http header. The credentials: user name and
>password, are filled. So, the message is authorized.

>At last, when I use http 1.0 and HTTPSender I do not have the
>authentication problem and
>the messageĀ“s duplication problem.

>With this problem, when I use http 1.1 (using CommonsHTTPSender)my web
>service is slower than
>with http 1.0 (using HTTPSender) even running it at a local network!!!!

>Could anyone help me? What is going on?


>Fabrizzio Cabral de Lacerda

Slimane AMAR         Mail:
GENIGRAPH            URL :
104, rue Castagnary  Tel : +33 01 45 33 64 63
F-75015 PARIS FRANCE Fax : +33 01 45 33 89 63

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