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From Helcio Wagner <>
Subject Doubt regarding utilization of complex types.
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 01:38:16 GMT


	I am facing a problem when my Client is trying to consume a Web Service
which has an interface containing simple and complex types. When the
Client invokes an operation named 'getSysDescr()', which must return a
String, that method does work. In other words, it really returns a
String. That's ok (for a while, at least :().

	However, when the Client invokes the operation named 'getSystem()',
which must return a complex type named 'System' (not the
java.lang.System), it does not work. Instead, the following exception is
	An Axis Fault occurred: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Document root
element is missing.
	Before post this message, I watched the list archive, and I finded a
message containing a similar problem. In that message, the user did not
can consume a 'Vector' type. The answer to that message was:
Although Axis does technically support Vector, you should not use any
Java collections in your web service interface. If you want to support
interoperability, you should convert your collections to arrays.

	My question is: is that really correct? A complex type (like my
'System' class) can not be used?

	Kindest regards, gentlemen.

	Helcio Wagner.

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