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From "Ben Sisson" <>
Subject WSDL2JAVA Class Issue
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 14:52:26 GMT
I am having trouble following one of the WSDL2JAVA examples in the User


First, a little background, I developed a Web Service from a WSDL using
Eclipse and have no problem running the Web Service out of Eclipse.   I used
the generated deployment descriptor to deploy the Web Service to Axis.   I
log onto my Apache Tomcat server, select the Axis path and then view to see
that my Web Service has been deployed.  I can also click on the WSDL link to
see the WSDL.  Within Eclipse I can take the WSDL file under the Apache
Tomcat service name /WSDL directory and generate a working Java Client (this
is not the same as the WSDL file under the Axis path).


The issue that I have, when I take the WSDL file that is under the Axis
project path (per the instructions) and use the WSDL2JAVA to generate my
source files I get unexpected results.  It creates the 4 java files that I
would expect:  {WSDL NAME}.java, {WSDL NAME}, {WSDL
NAME}, and {WSDL NAME}  But, it also creates
additional java files, it create two additional files for each method that
exists in the Web Service.   The files are proceeded by an _.  Ex:  _{METHOD
NAME}.java, _{METHOD NAME}  In addition to the extra java
files, the methods in the 4 expected java files require these classes as
their input and output parameters instead of the data types that were

specified in the WSDL.   This is very difficult to work with and unexpected
based upon the examples that were given in the user manual and from what I
have seen elsewhere.


I have found a work around to make it perform as I would expect (per the
manual).  In stead of using the WSDL file that was deployed to the Axis path
for the Web Service, I use the WSDL file that is under the Tomcat
Manager\Web Service Name\WSDL directory.   This WSDL file generates the 4
java files as expected with the appropriate data types as described in the
WSDL for input and output parameters.   I then modify the {WSDL
NAME} file Soap_address line.  Similar to below:


// Use to get a proxy class for {Project Name}Soap

private final java.lang.String {Project Name}Soap_address = 

"http://localhost:8080/WebServicesMod/services/{Project Name}Soap";


Change it to be like this, where you replace the WebServiceMod path with the
AXIS path.


// Use to get a proxy class for {Project Name}Soap

private final java.lang.String {Project Name}Soap_address = 

"http://localhost:8080/axis/services/{Project Name}Soap";


This will make the client call the deployed Axis service and not the Tomcat
service I have found.  I have not seen any issues with doing it this way. 


Some thoughts that I have regarding this issue:


1)  Why is the deployed Axis WSDL slightly different than the WSDL under the
Web Service\WSDL directory in Tomcat?  So that it generates the extra .java
files and the class parameters variables instead of data type variables.


2)  Is there a way to make the two WSDL files the same?


3)  Where does the Deploy descriptor pull the Web Service from when it is
deployed and how does it create the WSDL in Axis?  Is it copied or build
from the service?


I would appreciate any help that I can get on this.  I have a work around
but would prefer to have an understanding of what is going on.


Thanks in advance,



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