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From Raffaele Viola <>
Subject Re: call web service from jsp
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 11:40:12 GMT
Thanks a lot ...

Can you teel me more abuout this, please mail me the jsp core if is possible!!


2005/11/4, Guy Rixon <>:
> We do this a lot in AstroGrid. We generate stub classes using WSDL2ava and add
> those classes to the web-application where they are consumed by the JSP.
> Generally, we pack the stub classes into a jar file and add that jar to the
> lib directory of the consuming web-app.
> You need to consider whether you generate the stubs as part of the
> construction of the consuming web-app or as part of the consruction of the
> service; both work but with different advanatages and penalties. If you make
> the stubs jar in the service build, then you get to reuse that jar across
> several consuming applications. However, you then force all those applications
> to use the same version of Axis. If you build the jar in the consuming
> application then you can use any Axis version but you do more building and
> packaging.
> On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Raffaele Viola wrote:
> > How can I call web service by a jsp page using the java classes created by Axis
> >
> > Thanks Raffo
> >
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