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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 19:07:09 GMT
The location attribute supplies the URL of the imported schema document. If
you have access to the URL, then you don't need to change the location. If
you don't have access to the URL, ask the folks that built the schema to
send it to you. Then you can either embed the schema inline in the WSDL or
you can save it to a local file and change the location attribute to point
to the new location.


On 11/7/05, giribabu venugopal <> wrote:
> HI
>   i got WSDL which is generated by .NET contains location
> field.
>  1.should i use location filed as it is or need to chnge according to our
> location
>  part of WSDL is
> <wsdl:import namespace=" " location="
> "/>
> 1.1 please can u tell me how should
> i use the location in the generated stub java files..
> 2. i edited location field according to my location and generated java
> classes using WSDL2Java cmd using Axis.1.2
> do i use my Generated Class files in my own java file.
> 4. should i call generated stub java methods in side my own java files.
> how should i use effectively "generated java stub classes".

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