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Subject Re: generating server-config.wsdd with AdminService's enableRemoteAdmin=true?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:00:20 GMT
Check server-config.wsdd in axis.jar. I believe Axis uses that to create
server-config.wsdd first time. Maybe you can modify & update this
server-config.wsdd with the parameter to true in axis.jar?


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                                       generating server-config.wsdd with  
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             PM                        enableRemoteAdmin=true?             
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I'm trying to remotely deploy a WAR with axis 1.2.1 embedded onto Sun's
SJAS 8.1, and then register a web service using remote call to
AdminService. Web service registration fails with a 401, because
server-config.wsdd, generated at deploy-time in <service AdminService>
<parameter name="enableRemoteAdmin" value="false"/>.

Is there anyway to make axis generated server-config.wsdd with the above
param set to true? I am not including a pre-created server-config.wsdd,
because the value of "attachments.Directory" property in
<globalConfiguration> seems to be dependent on WAR's deploy directory
within app server - that directory is created dynamically at each
deployment by SJAS, every time with a different name.


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