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From "Matthew Menefee" <>
Subject RE: serialize axis object to xml
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 18:15:04 GMT
I have been trying to get that IBM example running for days.  I keep
getting strange errors, IncompatibleClassChangeError and
NoSuchMethodError, which extends IncompatibleClassChangeError.


I have been told that somehow I am using different libraries at compile
time and runtime, but I don't see how to fix it.  We aren't going to be
using Castor, we'll be using JAXB, but I wanted to get this example
running so we have something to compare our application to.


From: Vishist Mandapaka [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 10:09 AM
Subject: Re: serialize axis object to xml


You have multiple approaches to this.

please refer to previous post by dims

Here's the beginnings of the sample on how to mix xmlbeans and
wsdl2java stuff :) Please submit patches to make it better. I will 
probably make a few more changes before i write it up. This email is
just to give u all a heads up.

Also, Castor framework is one thing which you can opt for
marshalling/unmarshalling. The only problem which I faced with Castor is
that, the generated WSDL from Axis Service is not showing all the
elements of the schema. We can get around it by specifying a hard-coded
location of WSDL in server-config.wsdd. 

For integrating Castor with Axis, IBM folks wrote a nice paper. You
might want to have a look at it .

Marshalling/Unmarshalling within Axis, I wish I could do it.


On 11/3/05, Laat de, Harm, VF-NL <
<> > wrote:

Hi all,


How can I see the XML representation of an instantiated Axis object?


I.e. I have a value object generated by the wsdl2java task.


When I instantiate this like:


MyType type = new MyType();



and do something like this:




I get: 


However, I would like to serialize to XML and see something like:






Can you please help?




Harm de Laat



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