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From "Mohan, Muthiah" <>
Subject Problem with Axis1.3
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 15:12:43 GMT


            I have been using Apache Axis for developing Web Services
related Application.

            The old code has been using Apache 1.1 version and we are
planning to upgrade to the new Axis version 1.3


            There are two classes in which I am facing a problem when I
try to upgrade the AXIS version from 1.1 to 1.3


1.       First is the (in
org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd package) There was a method named

in AXIS 1.1 which has been removed in the subsequent versions. My code
is using this Particular method (I have pasted the code fragment below)


if (wsdd.getDocumentation() != null ) {




So this code fragment is giving me a Compilation Error saying that the
method getDocumentation does not exist. The API documentation does

Not talk about any other alternative method to use. How do I resolve
this problem? 


2.       The Second one is on the ServiceDesc Interface (in
org.apache.axis.description package). There was a method named

loadServiceDescByIntrospection(Class implClass) and this class that has
been removed in AXIS 1.2 and above.

My code uses this method also


      ServiceDesc sd = wsdd.getServiceDesc();

      String className = wsdd.getParameter("className");

      Class cls = null;



         cls = Class.forName(className);

      }catch(ClassNotFoundException e)


        throw new ConfigurationException(

            "The specified implementation class was not found: "

            + className 







It would be very helpful if you can suggest me a way so that I can use
alternate methods in the Axis 1.3 API to resolve

the above mentioned problems(doing the same functionality) without
breaking the older code.




Muthiah Mohan


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