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From Albert López <>
Subject Only one class and instance for several PortTypes
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 13:41:39 GMT


I would like to have different portTypes but implemented only using a class.

When I use wsdl2java, each portType is mapped in a different class and I
would like it was just a class. It would be like a class that implement
several interfaces. Moreover I would like that axis only creates an instance
(object) for all the portTypes. Using and advice from Ron Reynolds (at the
bottom of the mail) I’m able to map all the portTypes in a class but it
creates an object for each portType.


Thank you for your time



Best regards




Ron’s advice:


class Impl implements Service1, Service2, ...


and then use that class's name thus:



  <service name="Service1"...>

    <parameter name="className" value=""/>


  <service name="Service2">

    <parameter name="className" value=""/>




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