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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Web Service dispatcher for Apache Axis
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:19:20 GMT
You are looking for Synapse...which is under active development. Ask
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On 11/15/05, <> wrote:
> Hello Axis users/developers!
> First, I would like to apologize for cross-posting (to both user and dev mailing
> list), but i couldn't decide which of the lists would be more suitable
> for my problem.
> I need to implement a mechanism that would allow clients from the
> internet to access web services on nodes on a private, internal LAN with
> no public IP addresses.
> Basically, I have a client C, web services on a number of nodes A1 ...
> An all hosted on a private LAN, providing various Web Services, which
> cannot be accessed from outside (client C) and a node B (also hosting a
> WS container), accessible from outside, which I'd like to use for
> forwarding requests from C to Ax and responses from Ax to C in a manner
> completely transparent to both Ax and C. B should therefore implement a
> kind of proxy/relay, which should be general, so it would be able to
> forward requests for any web service and for any of the internal nodes;
> the relaying destination (one of A1 ... An) could be specified as a part
> of destination URI, perhaps something along the lines of
> https://my.proxy.address/Proxy#my.internal.server/WebService
> dynamism of the system is to be accounted for, so neither the set of
> internal nodes, nor the web services hosted on them is fixed for the
> lifecycle of WS container on B!
> Is anything remotely resembling such a mechanism available for Apache
> Axis? And if not, which I suspect, could someone provide a pointer or
> two regarding what part of Apache Axis should I try to patch (perhaps
> installing an extra transport handler?) or if any specs exist that might
> provide a standardization for similar functionality and are worth
> implementing for Axis.
> Thanks in advance,
> ��������Marko

Davanum Srinivas :
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