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From "McMullin, Gregg E." <>
Subject RE: overriding autogenerated wsdl
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:11:44 GMT
I'm afraid that I'm still a bit confused by this.  I'll try to be more

    - What is the purpose of adding the <wsdlFile> element to my service's
.wsdd file?  

      Is it simply a performance enhancement as I believe Raul stated?

    - What is the procedure to use if I have a pre-existing class that I
wish to expose as

       a WebService?  I took the class and ran it thru the java2WSDL tool.
I've used the

       resulting WSDL as my starting point to build the WSDL that I desire.
The main 

       differences have to do with the "return" elements.  In other words,
The generated

       response is something like this:







        In "my" wsdl I define my response to be












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Behalf Of Anne Thomas Manes
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 2:35 PM
Subject: Re: overriding autogenerated wsdl


In other words, if you want the service to generate messages that conform to
your WSDL, then you should generate your service from the WSDL.


On 10/14/05, Flores, Raul <
<> > wrote:

Specifying the wsdl file in the server-config.wsdd is only a way of
providing the wsdl without axis having to regenerate the wsdl every time
it is requested.

This in not intended to alter the format of the services operations (as 
defined by deploy.wsdd).

Raul Flores

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From: <>  [mailto: <> ]
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 11:22 AM
To: <> 
Subject: overriding autogenerated wsdl

I've been trying to override the default wsdl that is produced for my 
webService.  I have a wrapped/doc/literal style webservice.  The
contents of the .wsdd follow:

<deployment xmlns="
<> " 
<> ">

  <service name="MyService style="wrapped" use="literal"> 
     <parameter name="className" value="com.mycompany.MyService"/>
     <parameter name="scope" value="application"/>
     <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="getOrder"/> 
     <beanMapping xmlns:dsns="
<> "


I've placed the in the ${TOMCAT_HOME}\axis\WEB-INF\classes directory.
I've verified that the server-config.wsdd has been updated properly.

When I access the service wsdl via:

I see the wsdl correctly.  I then invoke my service and monitor the 
traffic using TCPMon.  The SOAP response appears to be formatted in
accordance to the "autogenerated wsdl" rather than the wsdl I've
specified.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



btw: I'm using axis 1.2.1 and tomcat 5.0


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