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From Mayur Shetye <>
Subject Forwarding to the appropriate port
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 18:51:25 GMT
Hello all

I have some webservices deployed using axis in the oracle 10G application
server. I actually wanted to some advice from the group.

1. If it advisable to run webservices in oracle 10g Application server as
opposed to Tomcat? (They do run, but I want to know if anyone thinks that
this should not be done)

2. My configuration is as follows

	Requests are
	internet -> APACHE HTTP server (port 80) -> 10g App Server (port
	Response is
	10g App server (port 7780) -> Apache HTTP server (port 80) ->

Entry point is the apache web server on port 80.

Now, the webservices work fine in this configuration except when I try to
get to the WSDL file. The url to which it goes is like

I want to know Why it goes directly to port 7780, I am sure some of you have
faced this problem in apache-tomcat configuration too. Currently I am not
able to see the WSDL file itself.

Let me know what can be done so that wsdl file appears on port 80. Also
interestingly if I invoke the webservice on port 80 it WORKS. Suggesting
that apache forwards the request properly to the 10g App server instance,
the WS is invoked and a corresponding response is sent. 

I have got VERY poor tech support from oracle with this.


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