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From SOA Work <>
Subject Re: real dynamic invocation possible? (complex types without using javabeans)
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 16:29:30 GMT

Thx a lot.
So the ElementSerializer (build in ;-) ) serialises the soap data to an element right?

That should solve the problem.

Still one question. How do you register the ElementSerializer. I recognized you are using
WSIF for executing the webservices. In your code examples i didnt find the registration for
the elementserializer.

The only thing which looks like registration for a type mapping is the mapType() method. For
example for thegoogle search webservice this would look something like this:

service.mapType(new QName("urn:GoogleSearch", "GoogleSearchResult"), org.w3c.dom.Element.class);
//with GoogleSearchResult as complex type

But axis/jax rpc still uses the BeanSerializer which does not work of course.

Could you give me another hint for my long and painfull way to success 

dominik schrieb am 17.10.05 17:08:11:

Ahem... every six months someone asks this ;)

The easiest way is to get the type from the WSDL and register the 
ElementSerializer / ElementDeserializer to it. This isn't very hard to 
do, we have to jump through slightly nastier hoops for my project 
(because we want to handle cases where there's already a mapping and 
it's a little painful) but the above works, you end up with a DOM Node 
corresponding to the SOAP body of the message as a return and the call 
consumes a Node containing the request body.

This is used (mostly) with success in our workflow project, means users 
can drag WSDL in and get each operation with at least a vague attempt to 
be sensible around complex types (we don't control the services)

Code is here

(runs the task) and

(sets up the mappings) - apologies for the complexity, those hoops I 
mentioned earlier? They're on fire, and probably covered in acid 
dripping razor blades; you can probably get away with something a bit 


SOA Work wrote:
> Hi,
> im going to use axis for consuming webservices. i would like to invoke 
> services completly dynamic. at the moment i cant find a simple way to do 
> this.
> my problem: i want to use any wsdl and make dynamic calls while runtime. 
> but: i cant find a easy way to use webservices with complex types. i 
> only know the beanserializer/beandeserializer for using complex types 
> and this means i must create javacode and compile it.
> im not happy with this situation cause every client maschine must have 
> jsdk and compile code! isnt there an easier way?
> im not sure about the axis sysem architecture but wouldnt it be possible 
> to write a serializer/deserializer which output is not a filled bean 
> but some sort of data in a map for example. with the data contained in a 
> map (or an dom tree maybe) i could simple access it while runtime.
> anyone an ! idea? maybe someone wrote a solution for this problem? if 
> there's a way to solve this problem without serializer it would be 
> alright for me ;-)
> thx in advance
> dominik
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