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From "Hewitt, Christopher" <>
Subject Axis / Tomcat Log4j question
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 20:20:59 GMT

I am a bit confused about an issue I am having logging my services.

Here is an an example of what is happening.

- I have a tomcat instance in which the webapps directory contains two axis webapps: A1, A2.
A1 and A2 both have unique copies of all axis libraries, log4j, commons-logging,,
and someService.jar.
(each logs to a separate file: L1 for A1, and L2 for A2).

- A1 and A2 both deploy someService at different urls.

The problem that arises, is that a large volume of axis-related logging will only appear in
L1 or L2, regardless of which webapp/url is used.
All other logging, such as that produced by someService, is directed to the appropriate destination
log file.

Can anyone explain why this is happening? 
Since each webapp (A1/A2) has its own set of libraries and log4j configuration, shouldn't
a given webapp's classloader end up being associated with the correct log4j config?

Thanks very much,

Chris H

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