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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Asynchronous dual client
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:29:14 GMT

Villalba, Gregorio, VF-ES (gvillal2) EXT wrote:

>I am developing a WS client with Axis2 code generator. 
>I want to use dual transport,  I engage the Addressing module and I
>configure the transport as dual but I can not change the ReplayTo
>element (that automatically appears like localhost)!!!!! It can not be
>changed with messageContext.setReplyTo(aERPReplayTo).
>Any idea?
hmm, seems like you are violating the MEP concept here.

Using Call means you are invoking an IN-OUT service. So when you send a
message using Call api, the reply MUST come back to the same Call. That
means you are not allowed to mess around with the replyTo. The engine
will set a dynamic replyTo address for you, which then starts up a
listener with the given transport, and listens to a message.

If you are allowed to set the replyTo, you could have set that to some
other EPR, and the Call which u used to invoke the service will timeout.
Thats why you are not allowed to set replyTo information.
So actually what you need to do is, invoke your IN-OUT web service using
IN-Only manner and set the replyTo address to wherever you want. That
means you basically have one client who thinks that this is an IN-Only
invocation and for another client who thinks that it is an OUT only service.

So this voids Axis2-284. So please close that issue too.


-- Chinthaka

>Thanks in advance.
>That is the code:
>        org.apache.axis2.context.MessageContext messageContext =
>        Call call = new Call(_serviceContext);
>        call.setTo(this.toEPR);
>        call.engageModule(new QName(Constants.MODULE_ADDRESSING));
>        boolean DUAL_TRANSPORT = true;
>        call.setTransportInfo(Constants.TRANSPORT_HTTP,
>        call.setWsaAction(myProp.getProperty("subscribe.action"));
>        call.setSoapAction(myProp.getProperty("subscribe.action"));
>        org.apache.axis2.soap.SOAPEnvelope env = createEnvelope();
>                    //Style is Doc
>        EndpointReference aERPReplayTo = new
>        messageContext.setReplyTo(aERPReplayTo);
>messageContext.setMessageID(myProp.getProperty("msg_id_template") + new
>        messageContext.setEnvelope(env);
>        call.invokeNonBlocking(operations[0], messageContext, callback);
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