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From "Ron Reynolds" <>
Subject Re: performance
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:01:55 GMT
from their documentation ( it certainly sounds like
it could replace xerces
as the SAX parser (which i would expect is where most of the XML-oriented work happens - the
serialiers don't seem to
use DOM - all the SerializationContext code seems to write directly into a Writer passed into
its ctor).  it's
certainly worth a try - i'm seeing some fairly poor performance with axis 1.2.1 on the local
box (2 seconds to call a
method that only takes milliseconds to do the "real" work).  will have to do some performance
measurements and see if
this helps.  another thing is axis does a lot of logging - turning that down should help at
least a little (tho i
haven't looked at how much overhead is added by JCL when the underlying log4j category is
turned off).  all the
reflection and lookup overhead the JCL does should only be when creating a new Log (and since
all Logs are stored in
final static references that overhead is minor).

> On Wednesday 12 October 2005 17:07, Ron Reynolds wrote:
>> Axis uses JAXP to find its XML parser and JAXP uses a set of rules to
>> dictate what factory class to use to create its parsers, transformers, and
>> so forth as defined here -
> Any ideas if Piccolo [1] is usable with Axis and Tomcat? It should be probably
> placed under $CATALINA_HOME/common/endorsed according to Tomcat
> classloader-howto documentation.
> [1]
> Jyrki

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