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From "Ron Reynolds" <>
Subject server-config.wsdd and client-config.wsdd schemas?
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2005 18:09:17 GMT
are there XSD files (or even just DTD files) published online for the server-config.wsdd and
client-config.wsdd files?

most documentation talks about the server-config.wsdd (most of which is auto-generated by
wsdl2java) and then
off-handedly refers to "a similar file, client-config.wsdd, that's used by the client" but
i can't find anywhere where
it's spelled out (a) what goes into each file and (b) the structure of those files.  granted,
yes, they discuss it in
the Axis User's Guide and they even have an element-by-element breakdown in the Axis Reference
Guide (tho it still
doesn't really spell out what's server- and what's client-config specific).  all this, imho,
could be replaced by 2
well-written (read "well-commented") XSD files at, say,

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