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From Kr <>
Subject Conflict between WAS 5.1 Classloader modes
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:33:54 GMT
Hi All,

We have an couple of EAR's  deployed on WSAD - WAS 5.1 Test
Environment. There are some common utility jars (total size is more
than 1 GB) that are required by all of the EAR's and so we created a
shared library for these jars and made references for each of these
EAR's to this shared library. Now the applications are running fine
with classloader mode as PARENT_FIRST (sinc PARENT_LAST is not
working) and WAR classloader policy as MODULE).

Now we are trying to consume a web service using AXIS 1.2 Final (an
open-source java soap toolkit). AXIS uses its own version of saaj,
log4j, commons-logging etc. jars and I hope WAS runtime has its own
version of these jars. Now if I deploy my web application (that uses
AXIS) and  distribute my AXIS jars either in WEB-INF\lib or at the ear
level then I must give classloader mode as PARENT_LAST and WAR
classloader policy as APPLICATION/MODULE otherwise I am getting the
famous error "org.w3c.dom does not implement ... etc. etc." similiar

Now there is contradiction of classloader mode setting for making my
AXIS web module work and for the making use of shared library jars.

Does shared libary jars are loaded by separate classloader called
Shared Libary Classloader which is above application classloader. If
so how to make shared libary jars loaded by my application instead of
getting them loaded by a separate classloader like Shared Libary

Any thoughts ? Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

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