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From Guy Rixon <>
Subject Re: Question on the 'start with WSDL' approach
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 09:20:36 GMT
I think the Java binding tools have to work with the WSDL binding; the
port-type is not enough. Consider the difference between rpc/literal and
document/literal bindings for the same port-type: the document one puts the
message parts directly inside the SOAP body and the rpc one interposes an
element named after the operation. This affects the parsing and needs to be
coded into the fixed stubs.

On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, Shantanu Sen wrote:

> I am looking at the 'start with wsdl' approach of
> building a web service.
> If I follow this approach, I can use either an editor
> or any tool to build the abstract part of a WSDL -
> i.e. with no binding or service elements. Ideally,
> since I have defined the abstract interface I should
> be able to run a tool to generate the java artifacts
> and proceed from there.
> But the standard WSDL2Java tool does not generate the
> java interface from the portType information unless a
> binding element is added to the WSDL. The tool
> generates complex types that are exchanged in the
> interface methods correctly, but not the actual
> interface from the portType.
> I am looking for any inputs about people's experience
> with the 'start with WSDL approach'. Should I hand
> generate a default binding and then use the WSDL2Java
> and move from there? Or is there any better option?
> Thanks,
> Shantanu Sen

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